The best part of your ski day should not be the moment you take your boots off

Let nothing
your ski.

With Neu Boots, all these problems are solved in an innovative and revolutionary way thanks to an exostructure that does not compress the foot and leg, allowing you to ski much more comfortably without losing control or safety, and also, by means of a decoupling system, they can be used for walking, running, hiking, shopping or resting comfortably.

Neu Boots®
At last, comfortable skiing

Its lateral structure allows an exceptional transmission of orders to the edge of the skis, attached to a comfortable, warm and waterproof boot that supports firmly in a uniform way and without pressure.

Neu Boots®
Walking, running

allowing you to flex your leg and sole to use the NEU BOOTS naturally for anything other than skiing


Skiing, walking, enjoying

are made
of three joint


A revolutionary exostructure system, offering the necessary stiffness for ski control, but without compressing the foot and leg. Its lateral structure allows an exceptional transmission of orders to the edge of the skis.

Comfortable boot

A comfortable, warm, waterproof boot that perfectly supports the foot and leg in a uniform way and without pressure, by means of a closure system with automatic lacing.

Connection system

A patented system to go from SKI MODE – which stiffens the exostructure, allowing a perfect transmission of orders to the ski for control and driving- to WALK MODE, releasing the shaft and sole of the NEU BOOTS®‍ allowing you to do the same as with street shoes. In this way, putting on and taking off the boots is much simpler and painless than with traditional boots.



Standard binding

The NEU BOOTS are adapted to standard binding and do not require any modification.

Flexible sole

In WALK MODE, the patented sole of the NEU BOOTS flexes for a natural gait, while also incorporating non-slip elements to facilitate walking on snow and ice.

Flex modification

For this, with a simple movement of the actuator, you’ll be able to choose the level of stiffness of the boot depending on the needs of control according to snow conditions (ice/hard, virgin, stepped-on, spring) or your desire for a more aggressive or quieter skiing.


If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’re sick of your ski boots,
you are curious to know if this invention works and be the first to try them.

Do you want to try the Neu Boots?

Do you want to be part of the ski revolution?

Try them on and be convinced by their effectiveness. See how you will have the same control while skiing as with traditional boots, but without suffering their discomfort, and walk, run, dance or do whatever you can think of with a simple disconnection mechanism.

On the test-day you can try the Neu Boots, we will accompany you and explain everything you need to know about them.

NOTE: The cost of the tests is €35 (Does not include the ski pass), amount that will be returned if you acquire the Neu Boots.

We are organizing test events for the 2023-24 season, but we need to have a minimum quota of testers to be able to organize the tests in a specific location, and your information is essential to be able to organize the test-days in the requested location.

Become a NEUER! 

Because if there’s one thing we know is

The best part of your ski day shouldn’t be when you take your boots off.

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